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Life is all about choices. Making choices that you don't regret can be considered the rights choices, but even when the choices you make end up in regret that does not mean that they were the wrong ones - they were just stepping stones to lead you to the right one. Being comfortable with who you are and doing what you think is right defines who you are.

After a walk with my dog, I stumbled upon a poor little bird that was injured. It seemed to have either fallen from above, either hit by a killer litter bug's plastic bag or it was in the bag when it landed. But whichever it was, the poor bird was injured. It was a mental struggle as I debated internally if I should approach it to see if there was anything I could do or leave it alone and go about my business. If I left it alone, I would avoid the 'troublesomeness' that came along with it. But if I left it alone, there would be (at the back of my conscience) a nagging regret and wondering if I could have done something for it.

Finally, I decided to approach it to see if I could help it in anyway I could. Scenarios of bringing it home and nursing it back to health, even bringing it to the vet flashed in my mind as I cautiously approached it with obedient dog in tow. Surprisingly it allowed me to gingerly carry it and so I did with the intention to bring it home / find it some help.  Unfortunately before we even made it home, the little bird give a few chirps (as if to say its thanks) before it passed on. Not knowing what to do, I laid it to rest on the stone chair nearby.

I am not a doctor or vet, not even a bird lover, but the plight of the poor little bird made me want to do something, anything.  When I was younger, there were many such situations which I encountered that I wanted to do something about it, but ended up not doing anything at all (restrained by what others would say or think). Hence, I believe that I would have regretted not even taking any action at all this time. 

So sad as it is that the little bird has passed on, at least I took action on what I felt prompted to do; what I could to do to try to help it. This incident has also prompted me to start thinking (and researching) what I should do in such a situation and how I should handle it to make it better. 

The hearts of humans may all have blood flowing through them, but how we treat the living (people and animals) around us reveals the true color of our hearts. To hurt the innocent and helpless just because you are stronger only reveals how insecure you are, so much so that you hurt others just to cover your weakness thinking that it is your strength and that you are "invincible".

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